Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Let the music lift you up

Tonight I rest.
Tomorrow I DJ

Let's hope it all goes well. There will be Reggae, Rock and Roll, Rap and err...... House Music all day long........

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Aging and Impermanence

At some point in one's life, I guess one has to pass an inflection point.
When looking at an attractive lady on the street, she will stop thinking "Who's that hunky, attractive man checking me out? Cool!" and start thinking "I wish that dirty old bastard would stop staring at me".

I'm not saying that this will happen overnight but there must be a point where you start sliding from one to the other.......

I guess it's all about getting old and then dying. Youth and vitality are but a fleeting illusion. 

Word association

In an effort to avoid becoming the size of a house, I keep a variety of "heathy" snacks at my desk at work. 
These include unsalted almonds.
About once a month, my female co-workers amuse themselves with dialogue such as:

"I like your nuts, Mouse. They are not too salty"
"Where are you nuts? Put them in my hand"
etc etc.

All very amusing, I'm sure you'll agree.

That led to a discussion about nuts and the fact that a brazil nut is not a nut, but a fruit

& then being of an enquiring frame of mind, I looked up Brazilian which led me to the disambiguation page which led me to 

I wasn't expecting pictures.

Given everything I have learned about waxing from Wiki, I now completely understand why you might have a misunderstanding at the salon, especially if the salon workers have English as a second language (thanks for sharing, Evie).

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why would you do this?

There we all were, Onsen finished, in the tiny, tiny bar next to the UWannaDie Lodge for a bit of Apres Ski.

The bar has 2 distinguishing features. There is a large model helicopter hanging from the ceiling. The other is the gorgeous home made valve amp used to play music in the bar. 

Some number of  beers later, we ended up with a young lady lying on the table, midriff bared, belly button pointed at the ceiling. I then watched in disbelief as my friend C proceeded to snort vodka from her, admittedly very shapely, belly button. Usually it was whipped cream or chocolate sauce being licked off midriffs, so this was a bit of a departure.

I watched C carefully to see what happened. His head didn't fall off or anything drastic. But, his eyes went from a "with it" look to a "nobody's home"  look in a heartbeat. He then had to be taken away and put to bed. 

Oh dear, oh dear.

Some more beer later, my friend A ended up being doused in paraffin. It is still not clear to me to this day, why the individual concerned poured paraffin all over her... in a bar.   People can die from accidentally being set on fire after stuff like that.

So, all in all, an evening of "Why would you do this" moments.