Sunday, 17 May 2009

Aging and Impermanence

At some point in one's life, I guess one has to pass an inflection point.
When looking at an attractive lady on the street, she will stop thinking "Who's that hunky, attractive man checking me out? Cool!" and start thinking "I wish that dirty old bastard would stop staring at me".

I'm not saying that this will happen overnight but there must be a point where you start sliding from one to the other.......

I guess it's all about getting old and then dying. Youth and vitality are but a fleeting illusion. 


  1. And next week, another cheerful post from Mouse... Not feeling as though you're at that point now, I hope?

  2. If you aren't walking with a zimmer frame and/or can still see your feet over your belly then you should be fine.

  3. Lottie,
    Sorry, I will be more cheerful next post.

    I can see my belly. Does that count?