Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Are older women better in bed?

I have given this important topic some thought and have come up with the following pros and cons.

Younger women
Less jaded
Generally more excited about things
don't know their own mind so much

Older women
More jaded
Less easy to impress
do know their own minds
might teach you something you don't know.

So experience seems to win the day.

However a friend of mine, W, had a great girlfriend. She was smart, witty and very attractive. However he ended up dumping her because, in his words, "She was too soggy". Mind you, this is from a man who habitually dated strippers and they are proverbially not soggy. Known for their lack of sogginess, in fact.

So experience and a low sogginess quota wins the day

& whilst I think of it, a woman who is comfortable in her own body......

So, in conclusion, I can safely state I have no opinion on the matter.

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